Our Recruitment Policy

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” 

― Walt Disney




We are so happy that you are interested in joining our team. Please see below for our recruitment process. 



1 | All applicants must apply online. 
    • Only completed applications will be accepted. Completed applications include the following:
    • Completion of the Mintech RF02 Form
    • An up-to-date résumé in PDF or WORD format
    • PDF copies of all exam certification


2 | Applications will be reviewed, and applicants categorized based on score. 

    • Any applicant(s) scoring below 39/50 on the RF02 Form will be automatically eliminated and will not be contacted.
    • Any facetious or fraudulent applications will be automatically eliminated at the time of discovery.
    • If the application is taken more than once, the first submission will be the one used to score the applicant.


3 | After review, all passing applicants will be notified via email.

4 | Interviews will be arranged for all passing applicants. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, interviews may be conducted via video conferencing. 

5 | Interviews may be recorded. After review, eliminated applicants will be notified via email. 

6 | Passing applicants will be put on the shortlist for follow-up interviews. 

7 | Hiring decisions will be made after the review of follow-up interviews. 





      In order to complete your application, you will be required to complete the Mintech RF02 Form. 

      Please be advised that failure to complete the form will result in immediate disqualification. 

      Please carefully read the following information about the form:

      The Mintech RF02 Form must be passed by all applicants, regardless of the position. All questions are general and are engineered to test the aptitude of the applicant in a variety of areas. Any and all job-specific questions will be asked face-to-face if the applicant passes to the interview stage. 

      The form is comprised of 50 graded questions which are worth 1 point each (for a total of 50 points), and is divided into seven (7) sections as listed below:

      Section 1 |  Applicant Information (0/50 points)

      This section is ungraded and is for the sole purpose of collecting your application documentation which includes:

      • Name, location and contact details
      • Position applied for
      • Resume & Job Letter
      • Examination Certification from all government or tertiary educational exams
        • Failure to include all exam certification cited in your resume will slow the processing of the application review. An application will not be considered complete until exam certification has been received.
        • Only Word and PDF formats of all files will be accepted. Please convert image files to PDF before attempting to submit them.
      • Portfolio (for graphic designers, if applicable).
      • Personal identification 

      Section 2 | Administrative Skills (5/50 points)

      This section is a general test of your office/administrative skills and includes basic questions in spreadsheet functions, emailing and filing.

      Section 3 | Mathematics (10/50 points)

      This section tests proficiency in mathematics and includes various questions spanning basic mathematical principles. 

      Section 4 | English Language (16/50 points)

      This section spans across basic and intermediate English Language. Regardless of your job function, Mintech requires new employees to have a general mastery of the English Language. 

      Section 5 | Comprehension (10/50 points)

      One of the most important parts of communication is the ability to understand what is being conveyed. This section tests for reading comprehension.

      Section 6 | Reasoning & Logic (9/50 points)

      This section tests the applicant’s ability to find an answer or decipher a situation based on logic. This utilizes the problem-solving skill which is useful regardless of position.

      Section 7 | Personality (0/50 points)

      This section is not graded. There are no correct or incorrect answers. It is merely for you to show your personality.


      All questions are required.

      It is not recommended that applicants get help to complete this test. The level of intelligence displayed will be expected in all future interactions. 

      The form will not save progress before submission, and cannot be edited after submission. Closing or refreshing the form before completion will result in a reset. However, you may navigate between sections to review or edit your answers without losing progress.

      If you have any difficulties, questions or concerns, please contact your recruitment officer at any time at recruitment@mintechja.com

      Click the link below to fill out the RF02 form.