A warranty is a written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an item by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace it if necessary at no or limited cost to the purchaser, within a specified period of time.


Mintech’s Warranty Statement

Mintech Distributors Ltd (“MINTECH”) is a manufacturer’s representative, and all products sold are subject to the manufacturers’ warranties and disclaimers. Mintech offers a one month (30 days) warranty against manufacturers’ defects only on selected items.

Please ask your customer service agent or your Business Development Manager if the items you are purchasing are covered by warranty.

Should the warranty not be voided due to any of the terms listed below, so long as the customer notifies Mintech of the failure during the applicable warranty period, Mintech will either have the items repaired or replaced, or refund the customer. If the customer fails to report the failure of the item(s) within the applicable warranty period, the customer will not be entitled to any remedy applicable under the warranty terms. 

All footwear must be used per the specification sheets to prevent voiding the warranty. Specification sheets are available from Mintech or the original manufacturer and should be read carefully before purchase or use.


Voiding of Footwear Warranty

The following categories of items are not covered by warranty and are purchased at the customer’s own risk:

    • Special/Promotional Sale
    • Clearance Sale
    • Damaged Item Sale
    • Used Item Sale
    • Items Without Original Packaging
    • Special Ordered Items
    • Items Used Outside Recommended Specifications
      • Recommended specifications can be found on specification sheets easily accessible upon request from Mintech Distributors.

Mintech is obligated to inform the customer if their footwear falls into any of the above categories, and inform them of the voiding of warranties, prior to purchase. A statement of the waiving of warranty should be included on the customer’s invoice, which must be signed by the customer and two representatives of Mintech. 

Should the customer choose a design that is unsuitable for their application, Mintech is obligated to inform the customer of the voiding of warranties, prior to purchase. If the customer decides to purchase the footwear despite being informed that their application would void their warranty the waiving of warranties should be included on the customer’s invoice, which must be signed by the customer and two representatives of Mintech. 

This warranty will be voided by any:

  • Repair, 
  • Alteration or modification to a product by any person, and 
  • Any abuse, misuse or neglect of the products. 


Manufacturer’s Defects That Qualify For Warranty

  • Extreme stripping of the upper (excluding the results of chemical exposure)
  • Advanced separation of the outsole from the upper, resulting in leakage
  • Shedding, crumbling and/or disintegration of the outsole
  • Burst construction stitching, resulting in compromise of the safety features of the footwear
  • Exposed or dislodged toe-cap
  • De-gumming and/or weak cementing resulting in leakage

 Remedies For Valid Warranties

Upon a valid warranty claim, and before any other remedies are offered, the customer’s account will be credited for the full value of the damaged footwear. After the customer’s account is credited, the customer may opt to:

    1. Replace the damaged pair for a new pair of the same brand, model and size
    2. Exchange the damaged pair for a new model of a different brand, model or size*
      • Not applicable in bids from government entities
      • Not applicable for entities bound by strict purchase order rules
      1. Leave the credit on their account, should the footwear they want to exchange the damaged pair for be out of stock and the customer is prepared to wait on the next shipment
      2. Take other items that are equal in sum to the value of the credit
      3. Claim a monetary refund worth the value of their credit
        • Not applicable in bids from government entities
        • Monetary refunds are only payable to the person or entity that purchased the item. 

    *Should the customer choose to exchange the damaged footwear for a new model, brand or size that has a higher value than their credit allows, the customer will be expected to pay the difference. Should the new model, brand or size have a value lower than that of the credit value, Mintech will, at the customer’s request:

    • Refund the balance,  
    • Allow the customer to choose another item to meet the balance, or 
    • Leave the balance of credit on the customer’s account to be applied to a future purchase.