ECOLORICA is a washable synthetic leather (50% polyurethane, 50% polyamide) that is similar to natural leather in aesthetic and tactile structure. It is flexible, abrasion-resistant, breathable and resistant to chemical agents, such as lactic sodium hypochlorite, methanol, hexane, fluoridric acid, and sodium percarbonate. 


Leather treated with an agent that prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria by interrupting their metabolic processes, thus protecting against bad odours and guaranteeing hygiene and a longer life of the footwear. 


Breathable, abrasion-resistant lining made from elastomeric fibre. 


Breathable, sturdy, water-repellent upper material. Highly abrasion-resistant fibres are woven directly into the fabric for high durability, tensile strength and resistance to tearing.


100% polyester minifibre, polyurethane-layered and very resistant to chemical agents, NEWTECH uppers are breathable and waterproof. Suitable for food and agriculture industries. 


High-performance fabric made from 100% polyamide. Cordura provides excellent resistance to tearing and abrasion and has a durability that is 2-7 times higher than nylon, polyester and cotton. It is light, easy to maintain, and dries quickly.


Water-repellent full grain leather that is subjected to a treatment which makes it flexible and resistant to low temperatures, even in the flexing areas to prevent cracks and stiffening.


This PVC Nitrile compound is particularly sturdy and flexible and its construction guarantees excellent resistance to hydrocarbons (2.3% increase in volume. EN ISO standards dictate <12% increase), great ease of movement due to the flexibility and stain-resistant special compound of the upper and stability on uneven terrain due to cleat height and outsole design.

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