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TYPE: High socks

DESCRIPTION: Thermal socks with technical structure and functional inserts. THERMOLITE® structure provides high thermal insulation. These socks also provide anatomical plantar padding, with COOLMAX® yarn which keeps the foot always dry and with freshFX® treatment that makes the sock antibacterial and breathable. The bands in Merino wool keep the calf warm, which also prevents tearing and maximises thermal comfort. 

The malleolus, Achilles tendon and instep areas are padded to avoid scratching in case of contact with the collar of the footwear which, in turn, will reduce the lacing pressure and improve the blood circulation and air circulation system, leaving the foot dry and reducing the formation of bacteria. 

Contains elastic bands designed for better adherence to the shape of the foot, as well as reinforced heel and toe areas, with flat seams. The antistatic insert in RESISTEX CARBON® dissipates the electrostatic charges present in the wearer’s working environment. Anti-stress collar, LYCRA® elastomer provides better elasticity while keeping its form even after several washes. Ultimately this will offer the wearer the best comfort.


  • 58% polyester THERMOLITE® 
  • 20% polyester COOLMAX® freshFX®
  • 10% nylon
  • 4% merino wool
  • 4% acrylic
  • 2% elastane LYCRA®
  • 2% cotton


AREA OF USE: Agriculture, cleaning, construction industry, industry, logistics and it is also suitable for cold environments.


PERFORMANCE E PLUS: Coldproof, non-metal detectable