Cofra Abragrip

Cofra Abragrip

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STANDARDS: EN 420, EN 388 *, EN 374 *



  • Excellent abrasion resistance: 30,000 cycles **
  • Excellent dexterity thanks to a finished coating
  • Excellent grip in both oily and damp environments
  • Triple nitrile coating that improves glove waterproofness
  • Ultra-light glove ensuring exceptional comfort and softness
  • Without latex proteins

PALM: NITRA-X nitrile

BACK: Smooth nitrile


CUFF: Pinked edge

COLOUR: Green/Black

LENGTH: 345 mm / 13.6''

THICKNESS: 1.25±0.03 mm (palm) / 0.75±0.03 mm (back)

PROTECTION: Chemical protection, mechanical protection - medium

GRIP/AREA OF USE: Oily surfaces

APPLICATION: Handling chemicals, handling oiled and/or lubricated objects and materials, handling paint, ink, colourings, glues and adhesives, oil and petrol refining, petrochemical industry.


* Following the new EU Regulation 2016/425 and the new standards on protective gloves EN 388:2016, EN ISO 374-1:2016, EN 374-2:2015 and EN 16523-1:2015, COFRA is re-certifying all its protective gloves. For this reason, it is possible that in our stock and on the market there are still gloves with the old standards EN 388:2003, EN 374-1:2003, EN 374-2:2003, EN 374-3:2003. COFRA guarantees that all the productions do not have technical and qualitative differences and are in compliance with the regulations in force.

** Test carried out in COFRA’s laboratories through the testing procedures indicated by EN 388 standard. The results show an abrasion resistance more than three times the highest level indicated by the standard, as proved by the chart here above.